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We’re all seriously concerned about Ebola and our nation’s response to it, but there’s another transmittable disease in the United States – antibiotic-resistant bacteria, or 'superbugs' – that kills more than 23,000 Americans each year. Yet it’s virtually ignored by our leaders and industry. We’re changing that now. Today doctors are joining us at events throughout the country demanding an end to the routine feeding of antibiotics to livestock that leads to the spread of these deadly bacteria.

Will you back them by taking action? Make a phone call to Trader Joe’s headquarters and demand it stop selling meat raised on antibiotics!

Meat Without Drugs
  1. A look at the labelsA look at the labelsWhat consumers should look for, and what to avoid.
  2. Read the full Meat on Drugs reportExperts agreeThe overuse of antibiotics in food animals threatens public health
  3. CattleMoooving the marketplace Download this flyer and deliver it to your local Trader Joe's!
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