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New report shows that GMO labeling is a good deal for consumers

by Maureen Mahoney What’s $2.30? It’s less than the cost of a birthday card. It’s about the cost of a tube of toothpaste. And, according to a new study, it’s the median yearly increase​ per consumer in the price of food if Oregon approves GMO labeling. That’s less than one cent each day! Consumers Union asked the independent Continue Reading

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Success! Gov. Brown knocks down weak antibiotics bill

by Maureen Mahoney Three cheers for California Governor Jerry Brown!   Today, we’re celebrating his veto of a bill that would have given industrial farms a green light to continue the dangerous overuse of antibiotics in livestock. For years, Consumers Union has tried to avert disaster by fighting the wasteful dosing of healthy farm animals Continue Reading

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New Ads Opposing Oregon’s Measure 92 are Full of Misinformation

By Maureen Mahoney Residents of Oregon, beware: opponents of Oregon’s genetically modified organism (GMO) labeling ballot initiative, Measure 92, have begun to fill the airwaves with misinformation. Oregon will vote soon on whether to pass Measure 92, which requires a label on foods with GMOs. Yesterday, big-business opponents of the Oregon measure started an advertising Continue Reading

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Petition-wielding pigs visit Trader Joe’s

A herd of pigs walks into an office complex… Sounds like the start of a bad joke, right?   But no jokes here.  A group of pig-eared campaign supporters, led by our intrepid Joe the Pig, visited Trader Joe’s Monrovia, CA headquarters this week to deliver 92,000 more consumer signatures asking the company to stop selling Continue Reading

Posted by Meg Bohne on Friday, August 29th, 2014 in Meat without Drugs | 3 Comments »

Trader Joe’s answer to 750,000 people? So far, zip

About 750,000 people so far have asked Trader Joe’s to stop selling meat raised on antibiotics.   But how has the company responded? Take Action Now: Tell TJ’s CEO Dan Bane to stop ignoring you and commit to ending the sale of antibiotic-raised meat! The marketplace is moving against meat raised on antibiotics. Already, several national Continue Reading

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July 4th grillers show us their no-antibiotics meat and say: Not On My Grill!

We asked you to show us your meat — and did you ever.   Last week for July 4th, we got dozens and dozens of photos from folks who said “Not On My Grill!” and shared shots of meat raised without antibiotics they used in their holiday grilling adventures.  Lots of others folks wrote in Continue Reading

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Consumer Reports Poll: 92% of Americans Want GMO Labeling

Monsanto and Big Food can try every which way to spin their claim that genetically engineered food is no different. But Americans aren’t buying it. Nine out of 10 consumers (92 percent) want to know on the label if their food is genetically engineered, according to Consumer Reports latest national poll. That same percentage of Continue Reading

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A win for Pom is a win for consumers

Consumers could be misled and tricked by the labeling on Minute Maid’s Pomegranate Blueberry flavored juice blend, said the Supreme Court yesterday in a unanimous decision that will allow the POM Wonderful Juice company to proceed with a lawsuit against Coca-Cola, maker of Minute Maid drinks. The point of contention is the label on the Minute Maid product, which announces Continue Reading

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Vermont Sued Over GMO Right To Know Law

Four major industry trade groups (the Grocery Manufacturers Associationthe Snack Food Association, the International Dairy Foods Association and the National Association of Manufacturers) have filed suit against the state of Vermont calling the GMO law, Act 120, a violation of their first amendment rights. The Vermont law would go into effect in July of 2016 and would require Continue Reading

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#19: Trader Joe’s (still) sells meat raised on antibiotics

Read Buzzfeed’s 18 Incredible Things You Didn’t Know About Trader Joe’s, and you’ll learn some tidbits about Hawaiian shirts and ginger snaps.   But the thing we find pretty incredible (perhaps #19?) is that this company still continues to stock its shelves with meat from animals raised on antibiotics. We know Trader Joe’s customers expect better. Continue Reading

Posted by Meg Bohne on Tuesday, June 10th, 2014 in Meat without Drugs | 3 Comments »
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