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Consumers Union Press Releases

Child deaths spike from vehicle backovers and power windows

Increase 57 percent over last year; CU urges Congress to prevent further tragedies Child Deaths Spike from Vehicle Backovers and Power Windows; Congress Should Require Simple Auto Fixes in Pending Bill Survivors and Advocates Step-up Campaign to Approve Safety Measures; New National Poll and State-By-State Fatality Numbers Released Contact: Sally Greenberg, 202-462-6262 Janette Fennell, 415-336-9279 Continue Reading

FDA reneges on promise to quickly reduce mad cow risk in feed

Expected rule to fix feed problem is now put on backburner by FDA and administration. FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Friday, July 9, 2004 Contact: Jean Halloran (914) 378-2457 Adam Goldberg (202) 462-6262 FDA Betrays Public Trust; Reneges on Promise to Quickly Reduce Mad Cow Risk in Animal Feed (Yonkers, NY) — Consumers Union, the independent, non-profit Continue Reading

Suzuki And Consumers Union Agree To Settle Lawsuit

CU and the Suzuki Motor Corp. are pleased to announce that the product disparagement lawsuit regarding the Suzuki Samurai sport-utility vehicle, filed by Suzuki against CU in 1996 has been settled and will be dismissed. CONTACTS FOR CONSUMERS UNION: Linda Wagner, 914-378-2433 Jim Haggerty, 212-683-8100, x224, 917-453-1510 SUZUKI AND CONSUMERS UNION AGREE TO SETTLE LAWSUIT Continue Reading

Consumer Reports investigates the trouble with recalls

In recent years, the number of products that have been subject to a government recall has risen substantially. CR points out that too often, word of a recall doesn’t reach the owners of defective products. July 6, 2004 CONTACTS: Lauren Hackett (914) 378-2561 or Alberto G. Rojas (914) 378-2434 CONSUMER REPORTS INVESTIGATES THE TROUBLE WITH Continue Reading

Survey: Dietary supplements poorly regulated

9 of 10 consumers want supplements proven safe before placed on store shelves. FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Monday, June 7, 2004 Contact: Charles Bell, (914) 378-2507 Janell Mayo Duncan, (202) 462-6262 9 of 10 Consumers Want Dietary Supplements to be Proven Safe Before Put on Store ShelvesNational Survey Shows Most Believe Supplements are Poorly Regulated; CU Continue Reading

USDA failing at every turn on mad cow disease

CU calls on Agriculture Secretary to keep the ban on importation of Canadian beef and to increase mad cow testing. FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Wednesday, May 26, 2004 Contact: Adam Goldberg, (202) 462-6262 USDA FAILING AT EVERY TURN ON MAD COW Opening Border To Canadian Beef, Inadequate Testing Program, Other Failures Put Human Food Supply At Continue Reading

Government vehicle rollover ratings misleading, confusing

Consumers Union tells Senate subcommittee transportation agency’s rollover ratings fail to reflect when vehicles tip up in testing FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Thursday, June 3, 2004 Contact: Sally Greenberg, 202-462-6262 David Pittle, 914-378-2330 NHTSA Should Overhaul Confusing Rollover Ratings System Consumers Union Urges Senate Subcommittee to Direct Agency to Change “Consumer Unfriendly” System (Washington, D.C.) — Continue Reading

Bill beefs up steroid law, but fails to include dangerous supplements

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Tuesday, June 2, 2004 Contact: Janell Mayo Duncan (202) 462-6262 House Bill Beefs Up Steroid Law, But Fails to Include Potentially Dangerous Supplements (WASHINGTON, D.C.) – The expected passage today of H.R. 3866 — which would prohibit the sale of “steroid precursors” as dietary supplements, and instead require them to be regulated Continue Reading

Potential Conflict of Interest Exposed on Pharmaceutical Rice Decision


Study Finds 120 Killed in 1998 in Auto Backovers; Most are Children


Increase In SUV Rollover Deaths Prompts Call for Passage of Safety Provisions


USDA Should Allow Companies to Test for Mad Cow


Ephedra Ban Upheld, but CU Warns that Dangerous Dietary Supplements Still in Stores


12 to avoid

California Agriculture Department Rejects Pharmaceutical Rice Crop


Child-Car Safety Measures Needed in Wake of Two Recent Strangulations


Consumers Union Applauds Institute Of Medicine’s Dietary Supplement Guidelines

CU urges the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) and Congress to adopt the Institute of Medicine’s science-based guidelines for evaluating the safety of dietary supplements. For immediate release Thursday, April 1, 2004 Contact: Joan Eve Quinn, 914-378-2436 CONSUMERS UNION APPLAUDS INSTITUTE OF MEDICINE’S DIETARY SUPPLEMENT GUIDELINES RELEASED TODAY YONKERS, NY, April 1, 2004–Consumers Union, the Continue Reading

House Transportation Bill Doesn’t Include Key Child-Car Safety Measures

Another child is killed this week in power window strangulation incident that safety measures would have addressed. Read testimony FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Thursday, April 1, 2004 Contact: Sally Greenberg, 202-462-6262 House Votes Today on Transportation Bill That Does Not Include Child Safety Measures Approved by Senate Another Child Dies This Week in Preventable Auto Incident Continue Reading

California Lawmakers Target Secrecy of Contaminated Meat Recalls

Earlier this year, news accounts indicated that California was one of seven states that received a shipment of beef products subject to a USDA recall because it included meat and bones from a cow that tested positive for mad cow disease. FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Wednesday, March 31, 2004 FOR MORE INFORMATION: Elisa Odabashian – 415-431-6747 Continue Reading

Groups Urge California to Deny Approval of Pharmaceutical Rice Crop

Consumers Union joined with other organizations to urge the California Agriculture Department to deny a biotech firm’s request to plant a controversial pharmaceutical rice crop. Read the group’s letter. FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: Thursday, April 1, 2004 CONTACT: Michael Hansen, Consumers Union: 914-378-2452 Elisa Odabashian, Consumers Union: 415-431-6747 Dan Jacobson, Environment California: 916-743-5356 CONSUMER & ENVIRONMENTAL Continue Reading

Congress Must Include Car and Child Safety Measures in Highway Bill


California Proposes Testing All Cattle for Mad Cow Disease

Consumers Union is backing a bill introduced in California that would make the state the first in the nation to require all cattle slaughtered or sold to be certified as testing negative for mad cow disease. FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Thursday, March 25, 2004 FOR MORE INFORMATION: Elisa Odabashian – 415-431-6747 or 415-572-0036 (cell) Michael McCauley Continue Reading

CU: USDA Announcement of More Mad Cow Testing Still Inadequate to Protect Public Health

New plan still would test less than one percent of slaughtered cattle for deadly disease. FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE March 16, 2004 Contact: Jean Halloran, 914-378-2457 Adam Goldberg, 202-462-6262 CU: USDA ANNOUNCEMENT OF MORE MAD COW TESTING STILL INADEQUATE TO PROTECT PUBLIC HEALTH New Plan Still Would Test Less Than One Percent Of Slaughtered Cattle For Continue Reading

CU Expands Automotive Safety Efforts With Free Online Resources


CU Opposes the So Called “Healthy Mother and Babies Access to Care Act of 2003″

CU asks Senate to oppose the medical malpractice bill S. 2061, aimed at the most vulnerable patients – women and their babies. February 20, 2004 Re: CU’s Opposition to S. 2061, a medical malpractice bill aimed at the most vulnerable patients – women and their babies Dear Senator: Consumers Union asks you to oppose S. Continue Reading

CU Calls on Bush Administration to Support National Seat Belt Bill

The “National Highway Safety Act” would require all states within three years to either enact a primary enforcement seat belt law or achieve a seat belt use rate of 90%. For Immediate Release Monday, February 9, 2003 Contact: Sally Greenberg, (202) 462-6262 Consumers Union Calls On Bush Administration To Support National Seat Belt Bill (Washington, Continue Reading

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