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Consumers Union Press Releases

USDA proposes rule to label mechanically tenderized meat

Consumers Union has been calling for labeling for years, applauds USDA proposal.

CU Hails Historic Vote in CT on Labeling GE Food

Connecticut is the first state in the US to pass a bill requiring the labeling of genetically engineered food

SF Chronicle Ad Urges Trader Joe’s to Stop Selling Meat Raised on Antibiotics

Ad calls on company to end this practice that contributes to the growing problem of antibiotic-resistance.

CU hails historic Vermont house vote on labeling GE food

Vermont’s historic vote is a major victory for consumer demand for the labeling of genetically engineered food

Consumers Union Applauds Senate Bill to Boost Data on Use of Antibiotics in Meat

A bipartisan group of senators introduced a bill that would help the FDA study the use of antimicrobial drugs in food producing animals

Ad in LA Times Urges Trader Joe’s to Stop Selling Meat Raised on Antibiotics

Ad highlights how the overuse of antibiotics in livestock is promoting the spread of drug resistant superbugs that threaten public health.

CU urges Congress to stop superbugs and make ground turkey safer

Consumers Union is also asking members of Congress to support legislation that would address these issues

Nearly 2 million people tell FDA not to approve GE salmon

Over 1.8 million people sent comments vehemently opposing the approval of a genetically engineered salmon by the FDA

Consumer Reports: Bacteria on turkey raised without antibiotics showed significantly less antibiotic resistance than bacteria on conventional turkey

Ninety percent of samples had one or more of the five bacteria for which CR tested

Organic Board Decision a Victory for Organics, Preservation of Antibiotics

National Organic Standards Board votes to discontinue use of antibiotics in organic apple & pear production.

CU urges National Organic Standards Board to discontinue use of antibiotics in organic apple, pear production

Poll: More than 80 percent don’t know or don’t think antibiotics used to treat disease in apple, pears

Meat Without Drugs campaign heads to Davis, CA Trader Joe’s

The campaign aims to convince the grocer to stop selling meat raised on antibiotics.

Top grocery stores: We won’t sell genetically engineered seafood

Trader Joe’s, Aldi, Whole Foods, Marsh among stores that will reject GE fish

Consumers Union Endorses Bill to Stop Superbugs, Curb Overuse of Antibiotics on Food Animals

Rep. Louise Slaughter reintroduces bill to end the overuse of antibiotics in livestock production.

Meat Without Drugs Campaign in Santa Cruz for Valentine’s Day

Special Valentine’s Day outreach event aims to convince Trader Joe’s to stop selling meat and poultry raised on antibiotics.

CU expert to testify in Washington state on GE food

The People’s Right to Know Genetically Engineered Food Act would require labeling of any genetically engineered food sold in WA

Consumers Union calls on EPA to ban arsenic-containing pesticides

Congress-directed review could delay needed action for years; Public still waiting for guidance on arsenic in apple juice

New rules “go to the heart” of food safety problems

The FDA releases long-awaited rules to improve food safety.

CU Says FDA Assessment of GE Salmon Is Flawed and Inadequate

CU raises concerns about FDA’s failure to adequately assess potential allergic reactions and other risks

Trader Joe’s Urged to Get “Joe the Pig” Off Drugs For the Holidays

Meat Without Drugs Campaign Makes Holiday Push In San Francisco
To Convince Trader Joe’s to Stop Selling Meat Raised on Antibiotics

Consumer Reports investigation prompts letter to USDA on pork safety

CU informs the USDA of new findings on pathogens in pork products appearing in the January 2013 issue of CR

CU praises FDA shutdown of Sunland plant, presses for futher implementation of federal food-safety rules

The FDA’s action marks the first time the agency has used its new authority it gained in a 2011 food safety law

New study: Consumer Reports finds antibiotic-resistant bacteria in pork products

New research showed contamination by several kinds of bacteria, much of which proved resistant to one or more antibiotics important in human medicine.

CU Highlights Overuse of Drugs in Food Animals for “Get Smart About Antibiotics Week”

Consumers Union Urges Major Reduction of Antibiotics in Food Animal Production To Protect Public Health   Consumer Group Highlights The Overuse of Drugs In Food Animals During CDC’s “Get Smart About Antibiotics Week”   YONKERS, NY — Consumers Union, the policy and advocacy arm of Consumer Reports, today called for a major reduction in the Continue Reading

Chemical and Agribusiness Interests Defeat California’s Proposition 37

November 7, 2012  Chemical and Agribusiness Interests Defeat California’s Proposition 37 Measure Would Have Required Labeling of Genetically Engineered Food SAN FRANCISCO, CA – California’s Proposition 37, which would have required clear labels on genetically engineered food, was defeated following a $45 million opposition campaign financed by chemical and agribusiness industry opponents. Supporters of the Continue Reading

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