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Consumers Union Press Releases

Consumer Reports investigation prompts letter to USDA on pork safety

CU informs the USDA of new findings on pathogens in pork products appearing in the January 2013 issue of CR

CU praises FDA shutdown of Sunland plant, presses for futher implementation of federal food-safety rules

The FDA’s action marks the first time the agency has used its new authority it gained in a 2011 food safety law

New study: Consumer Reports finds antibiotic-resistant bacteria in pork products

New research showed contamination by several kinds of bacteria, much of which proved resistant to one or more antibiotics important in human medicine.

CU Highlights Overuse of Drugs in Food Animals for “Get Smart About Antibiotics Week”

Consumers Union Urges Major Reduction of Antibiotics in Food Animal Production To Protect Public Health   Consumer Group Highlights The Overuse of Drugs In Food Animals During CDC’s “Get Smart About Antibiotics Week”   YONKERS, NY — Consumers Union, the policy and advocacy arm of Consumer Reports, today called for a major reduction in the Continue Reading

Chemical and Agribusiness Interests Defeat California’s Proposition 37

November 7, 2012  Chemical and Agribusiness Interests Defeat California’s Proposition 37 Measure Would Have Required Labeling of Genetically Engineered Food SAN FRANCISCO, CA – California’s Proposition 37, which would have required clear labels on genetically engineered food, was defeated following a $45 million opposition campaign financed by chemical and agribusiness industry opponents. Supporters of the Continue Reading

New bill would require disclosure of antibiotics used in meat production

Rep. Henry Waxman plans to introduce bill that would provide new information to the FDA on use of antibiotics in food animals.

Nearly 560,000 Call on Trader Joe’s to Stop Selling Meat Raised on Antibiotics

CU hosts press event at Union Square flagship store to deliver petition signatures to the grocer

Congress introduces “R.I.C.E. Act” to Limit Arsenic in Rice after Consumer Reports Investigation

Consumer Reports that found concerning levels of arsenic in tests of more than 200 samples of rice and rice products

Info-graphic: How Arsenic Gets Into Rice and Tips to Limit Your Exposure

Complete Consumer Reports Arsenic In Rice Results

Consumer Reports: Arsenic levels in rice show need for federal action

Government data shows eating one rice food item can increase arsenic exposure by 44 percent

Meat Without Drugs campaign targets new Trader Joe’s stores

Consumers Union urges the grocery store to sell only meat and poultry raised without antibiotics

Consumers Union rebuts meat industry letter on Meat Without Drugs campaign

Letter to two Congressional committees refutes industry claims about Consumers Union’s recently released report and campaign.

CU Praises FDA Action to Ban BPA in Baby Bottles, Sippy Cups

Consumers Union has long advocated for a ban on BPA in baby bottles and kids’ spill-proof cups

Consumer Reports releases “Meat On Drugs” study; Consumers Union launches marketplace campaign

Report offers details on national supermarket chains that sell meat raised without antibiotics, a consumer poll on the issue and recommendations for shoppers. New campaign, “Meat Without Drugs” asks grocery retailer Trader Joe’s to only source meat raised without antibiotics.

CU letter to USDA expresses concern about confusing claims about antibiotics on meat packages

June 18, 2012 Tom Vilsack, Secretary Kathleen Merrigan, Deputy Secretary US Department of Agriculture 1400 Independence Avenue SW Washington, DC 20250 Dear Secretary Vilsack and Deputy Secretary Merrigan: Consumer Reports and its advocacy arm, Consumers Union, have recently conducted a shopping scan of labels on more than 1,000 packages of meat from stores across the Continue Reading

Consumers Union on AMA’s policy position on GE foods

CU commends AMA for supporting mandatory premarket safety assessment but disappointed about mandatory labeling

FDA Rejects Bid to Rename High Fructose Corn Syrup “Corn Sugar”

Consumers Union supports FDA’s position in order to avoid misleading consumers with a new label.

CU to FDA: Protections from mad cow are inadequate

This letter from CU to the FDA details the additional steps the agency should take to protect the health of animals and the public.

CU cites risks in “l-type” strain of mad cow disease

Urges USDA to conduct thorough investigation of California case

Consumers Union statement on BSE positive cow

CU is seriously concerned by the announcement of a new case of mad cow disease in a cow from California

Consumers Union calls on OMB to let new food safety rules move forward

In letter to OMB, CU says recent salad greens recall highlights the need for action

Consumers Union on FDA Guidance for Antibiotics in Animal Feed

Expresses disappointment at new guidelines that are voluntary for the meat industry

FDA rejects BPA petition

CU: There is ample scientific evidence about the health risks of BPA

Consumer Product Database Turns One

New analysis shows database is working as intended

CU: Add auto safety protections to transportation bill

Congress has a great opportunity to help make cars safer and save lives on our highways

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