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Consumers Union Press Releases

US ends opposition to GM labeling guidelines

Twenty year struggle within global food safety body ends with consumer rights milestone

House Committee Votes to Gut Safety Database

CPSC will be severely limited to protect the public from unsafe products.

CU commends Pfizer withdrawal of arsenic-containing animal drug

FDA should ban other similar drugs

FDA findings on BPA heighten concerns about safety

CU urges FDA to remove BPA from food & beverage containers

A House committee takes up bill to weaken CPSIA

The Consumer Product Safety Improvement Act protects children from unsafe toys, products

CU commends CA Assembly for passing BPA ban

Urges swift passage by Senate

Consumer, Health, and Safety Groups Urge Congress to Reject Bill that Weakens the Consumer Product Safety Improvement Act

The Consumer Product Safety Improvement Act protects children from unsafe toys and products

CU to California State Assembly: Stand up to the chemical industry and ban BPA

BPA, a synthetic estrogen, is a plastic chemical used in polycarbonate plastics and epoxy resins found in many food and drink containers.

CU letter rebuts groups opposed to California bill banning toxics in childrens products

CU supports banning BPA from baby bottles, sippy cups, reusable food and drink containers

Group letter to House regarding bill that undermines the CPSIA

The CPSIA created, for the first time, a requirement that children’s products be tested for safety before they get to store shelves

Proposed changes to product safety law pose dangers to children

The Consumer Product Safety Improvement Act created a requirement that children’s products be tested for safety

CU testimony supporting Maine bill against BPA

CU supports LD 412 phasing out BPA from baby bottles, sippy cups, reusable food and drink containers

CU supports Oregon bill SB 695, prohibiting bisphenol A in children’s products

The chemical has potential links to an array of human health problems

Consumers Union Presses Congress to Support Funding for FDA Food Safety in Advance of House Hearing

Congress is considering budget cuts that could hamper the FDA’s ability to inspect facilities and the safety of food

Consumers Union Applauds Product Safety Database Launching March 11

Urges Congress to support database in new ad

Five Budget Cuts That Could Be Harmful to Your Health

Hard-fought-for laws and regulations to save lives and the environment will be gutted or eliminated in budget cuts passed by the Republican-controlled House From:

Congress Gives Consumers a Gift, But Some Want to Take it Back

In about a week, the government is slated to unveil a tool for consumers that catalogs safety concerns and complaints about certain products. From

Senate letter urging not to kill the CPSC consumer safety complaint database

The database will provide a mechanism for consumers both to report harms and to research risks

Consumer Reports Poll Finds Strong Support for Federal Role in Product Safety

A nationwide poll by CU found Americans strongly support the federal government’s role in protecting people from unsafe consumer products.

Consumers Union on Food Safety Bill to be Signed Into Law Tuesday

Consumers Union has long advocated for overhauling the Depression-era laws that currently govern food safety

As Food Safety Bill Crosses Finish Line in Congress, Consumers Union Celebrates Big Victory for Consumers

A sweeping overhaul of America’s food safety system cleared its final hurdle in Congress

Consumers Union Congratulates the Senate on Final Passage of Food Safety Bill

The bill gives FDA essential tools like mandatory recall authority to insure that the food we eat is safe

Consumers Union Applauds FDA Action on Dietary Supplements

FDA is urged to go further & vigorously oversee the dietary supplements marketplace through random spot checks

New Mandatory Crib Standards Adopted by CPSC

Consumer and safety groups laud ‘strongest crib standards in the world’

Consumers Union Heralds Senate Passage of Historic Food Safety Bill

FDA has the authority to order food recalls and requires more frequent inspections of food manufacturers

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