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Meg Bohne

Campaign Organizer

A seasoned community activist, advocate and organizer, Meg has spent the past decade working to educate and mobilize the public on issues relating to public health and consumer protection. With Consumers Union since 2007, she has been involved in campaigns for safer prescription drugs, accessible and affordable health care, and food and product safety.


Washington City Paper ad urges Trader Joe’s to end sale of meat raised on drugs

Consumers Union ad asks company to stop selling antibiotic-raised meat

Consumer group launches campaign over Trader Joe’s sales of meat raised on antibiotics

Trader Joe’s faces criticism over use of antibiotics

Full-Page Ads Thank Trader Joe’s For Giving Consumers The Choice To Eat Drugged-Up Meat

The Fat Drug

Grocers Line Up—Early—Against Biotech Salmon. What About Wal-Mart?

Consumer group’s campaign for Trader Joe’s to go antibiotic-free comes to Boise

Why Are There Still So Many Antibiotics In America’s Meat?

Tampa Bay Times Ad Urges Trader Joe’s To Stop Selling Meat Raised On Antibiotics

Ad highlights how the overuse of antibiotics by the meat industry on healthy livestock threatens public health by making these medications less effective for treating disease.

Consumers Union won’t “Butt Out” of animal antibiotics campaign

The following letter was submitted to the Idaho Statesman in response to ads that ran this week targeting CU and demanding we “butt out” of Idaho and our campaign asking Trader Joe’s to stop selling meat raised on antibiotics. March 13, 2014 To the Editor: The full page ad by Tree Top Ranch that ran Continue Reading