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  • Victory! Vermont Senate Passes GMO Labeling Bill 26-2

    The Burlington Free Press is reporting that the Vermont Senate passed historic legislation that requires foods containing genetically engineered foods to be labeled starting in July 2016. The bill must be reconciled with the House, which passed a slightly different version, and then requires the Governor’s signature.   This is a huge step for consumers right Continue Reading

  • Vermont GMO Labeling Bill Clears Senate Committee 5-0

    “Vermont is about to go where no state has gone before” – Vermont Senator The Vermont Senate Judiciary Committee voted 5-0 in favor of GMO labeling and is now sending the bill on to the Appropriations Committee, after which it will go to the Senate floor. Vermont is in the process of bravely becoming the Continue Reading

  • Major Food Corporations Say No More GMO

    By Caitlin Watkins The controversy over Genetically Modified Organisms (GMOs) in our food is making mainstream news yet again this week.  Food companies are choosing to opt-out of GMO ingredients in the manufacturing and selling of their food products due to consumer demand.  The following companies made headlines this week: Smart Balance rejects GMOs Smart Continue Reading

  • Are you a Food Patriot? You will be soon! Join us for the online screening 2/26

    At 15, Sam Spitz was on the top of the world. He pitched varsity baseball as a freshman, sprouted three inches in the off-season. Pro scouts even came calling. Then he ate a chicken caeser salad that changed his life. Within three days Sam was doubled over and headed to the emergency room. Sickened with Continue Reading

  • Rocky Mountain love for the Meat Without Drugs campaign

    The Meat Without Drugs team rocked the Rockies last week for the opening of three Trader Joe’s stores in Colorado on February 14th. The company opened its first stores in the state – two in Denver and one in Boulder – and the team was overwhelmed by support for our campaign asking Trader Joe’s to Continue Reading

  • Chick-Fil-A pledges to sell chicken raised without antibiotics

    Fast food chain Chick-Fil-A announced today that within five years all of the chicken sold at their restaurants will be raised without antibiotics, marking “the first time a quick service restaurant has committed to a 100 percent ‘raised without antibiotics’ standard for poultry,” says PR Newswire. In their online statement, Chick-Fil-A says the company is ”collaborating Continue Reading

  • Help Get Joe Off Drugs, Colorado!

    Hey Coloradans!  Do you love meat raised without antibiotics?  We do!  Come out this Valentine’s Day and help us show the love.  Together we’ll ask the three new Trader Joe’s stores in the Boulder/Denver area to stop selling meat raised on antibiotics.  Our Meat Without Drugs campaign is working to convince grocery stores – starting Continue Reading

  • In New England, two victories and a loss for GMO labeling

    New England:  home of  arctic temps, piles of snow – and a whole lot of action on GMO labeling. In 2013, Connecticut became the first state in the nation to sign a GMO labeling bill into law, followed by Maine in early January 2014. However, both bills contain provisions that prevent the laws from going into immediate Continue Reading

  • Maine becomes second state to pass GMO labeling law

    Yesterday Maine’s Governor signed into law the second GMO labeling bill in the US, after a similar bill was signed in Connecticut in late 2013. However, both bills contain provisions that prevent the laws from going into immediate effect.   Maine’s bill, for example, requires that five other states pass similar GMO labeling bills, and Continue Reading

  • Sing along! Our holiday message to Trader Joe’s

    Dashing Through Trader Joe’s Dashing through Trader Joe’s, With a red cart as my sleigh. Through the shelves I roam, Shopping all the way But then I spy the meat I don’t know what to pick Was this meat given drugs? If so it really makes me ticked. Oh, Trader Joe’s, Trader Joe’s please end Continue Reading

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