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  • Consumer Reports finds antibiotic-resistant bacteria in pork

    A new Consumer Reports study released today warns shoppers that they may be getting more than they bargain for in their packages of pork. Tests of pork chops and ground pork found widespread contamination by several different bacteria, much of which showed resistance to one or more antibiotics used in human medicine. The study points Continue Reading

  • Death toll climbs to 8 from Listeria-tainted Colorado cantaloupes, number likely to rise

    Listeria-tainted cantaloupe from Colorado is now being blamed for 8 deaths and 55 illnesses across 14 states, according to the Center for Disease Control (CDC) which expects numbers to continue to rise. The outbreak is concentrated in Colorado, Texas, and New Mexico and Oklahoma, although cases of infection have been confirmed from California to Maryland.  Continue Reading

  • Total recall? Not if you’re the FDA.

    When unsafe food products hit our grocery store shelves, companies will usually do the right thing: issue a recall and alert retailers and consumers.  But what happens if they don’t?

  • The latest in bizarre recall news: insect parts in infant formula

    Call 1 (800) 944-6762 to be connected directly for FREE to your Senators, and tell them to pass S 510, the FDA Food Safety Bill! Is this what they meant by ‘beetlejuice’? _____________________________________

  • Recalling a year of recalls

    It takes a special kind of procrastination to sit by while 1,850 people get sick.

  • This Week’s Recall Recap

    Breaking news on Kellogg cereal, plus thousands of pounds of beef products recalled this week.

  • Second Chance For Food Bill – Take Action Right Now!!

    HR 2749 is coming up for a vote with in the next hour. Please take a moment and call your Congressman and tell them to Vote Yes for a Safe Food System.

  • With a little less help from my friends

    One would think that the federal government would welcome any competent help to assure the safety of the nation’s food supply, but no…..

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