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Meat without Drugs

Meat without Drugs

Many dangerous strains of bacteria are now resistant to most common antibiotics. Yet we continue to saturate our environment with antibiotics to promote the growth of livestock raised in crowded and unsanitary conditions. We must preserve our antibiotics, while improving life for our animals.

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  • Did you take a flyer to Trader Joe’s? Tell us about it!

    A huge thanks to the thousands of you who downloaded our version of Trader Joe’s ‘Fearless Flyer’ and delivered it to your local store asking the company to only sell meat raised without antibiotics. We’ve heard some great stories across the country – from Maine to Georgia to California – about the response from staff, Continue Reading

  • CU refutes meat industry claims about antibiotics campaign

    Consumers Union this week fired back to a letter sent by meat producers to several members of Congress that called into question the accuracy of many facts laid out in our Meat On Drugs report regarding the industry’s use of antibiotics in livestock production. Released in June, ‘Meat On Drugs’ calls on meat producers to Continue Reading

  • USDA will investigate unapproved antibiotics labels

    Just two weeks after Consumer Reports issued our Meat on Drugs report criticizing, among other things, USDA’s system for overseeing labels on meat and poultry products that are raised without antibiotics, Secretary of Agriculture Tom Vilsack sent a letter to Consumers Union indicating that the agency plans to establish a new standard and investigate the Continue Reading

  • 220K people (including Giada DeLaurentiis) tell the FDA to reign in animal antibiotics

    When the FDA released new guidelines in April on the use of antibiotics in livestock, Americans were given 90 days to tell them what we thought.   By the time the comment period closed last Thursday, July 12, over 220,000 people had already written in to tell the agency:  you can do better. The new guidelines Continue Reading

  • Superbugs in chicken point to need for antibiotics reform

    Chickens and bladder infections – two things you’d never expect to make headlines together – have captured attention this week after new findings were released showing a link between superbugs in chicken and urinary tract infections (UTIs) in humans that are increasingly tough to treat. The common trait? A strain of antibiotic-resistant E. coli that researchers found in both Continue Reading

  • 31 companies tell Rep. Slaughter what’s in the beef

    There’s more to your meat than meets the eye, Representative Louse Slaughter wants you to know. The House member from upstate New York sent a survey to 60 grocery stores, restaurant chains, and meat producers this February inquiring about their policies on the use of antibiotics in the production of their meat, and the results Continue Reading

  • CU urges grocery stores to sell Meat Without Drugs

    To help combat the declining effectiveness of antibiotics, Consumers Union is launching the Meat Without Drugs campaign calling on grocery stores, starting with Trader Joe’s, to sell only meat raised without antibiotics. A staggering 80% of all antibiotics used in our country are given to livestock to help them grow faster and prevent them from Continue Reading

  • FDA ordered to follow its own orders, 35 years later

    On May 21, the Food and Drug Administration filed an appeal to overturn a decision by a federal court judge ordering the agency to take action on its own 35-year-old proposal that would ban the use of certain antibiotics in animal feed.  If the decision is upheld, FDA will be required to hold hearings to determine Continue Reading

  • FDA pushes voluntary plan for reducing antibiotics in animal feed

    In a new plan released yesterday, the FDA is asking companies to voluntarily reduce some uses of antibiotics in the raising of livestock. Animals grown for meat are commonly given low doses of antibiotics in their feed and water to help promote growth and prevent the spread of illness in living quarters that are often Continue Reading

  • Pink slime or just beef? The battle wages on.

    Casting the recent pink slime outrage as a “smear campaign” on a nutritious beef product, the governors of three mega meat-producing states are calling for a rebranding of its image. At a press event last week, the governors of Texas, Iowa and Kansas chowed down on burgers made with lean finely textured beef (aka pink Continue Reading

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