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Are you a Food Patriot? You will be soon! Join us for the online screening 2/26

At 15, Sam Spitz was on the top of the world. He pitched varsity baseball as a freshman, sprouted three inches in the off-season. Pro scouts even came calling. Then he ate a chicken caeser salad that changed his life. Within three days Sam was doubled over and headed to the emergency room. Sickened with Continue Reading

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Sing along! Our holiday message to Trader Joe’s

Dashing Through Trader Joe’s Dashing through Trader Joe’s, With a red cart as my sleigh. Through the shelves I roam, Shopping all the way But then I spy the meat I don’t know what to pick Was this meat given drugs? If so it really makes me ticked. Oh, Trader Joe’s, Trader Joe’s please end Continue Reading

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Get Smart About Antibiotics, starting with your turkey

Ever had strep?  A UTI?  You probably ran to the drug store with a scribbled prescription for antibiotics and felt a whole lot better within a couple of days. It’s a scenario we all take for granted. But the CDC is sounding the alarm that antibiotic resistance “is considered one of the world’s most critical Continue Reading

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CU: GMO Labeling Ballot Initiative is “the Right Choice for Washington Consumers”

by Maureen Mahoney Consumers Union’s Dr. Michael Hansen is taking to the airwaves in support of the effort to label genetically engineered (GE) food in Washington State, calling the initiative, “the right choice for Washington consumers.” Dr. Hansen, Senior Scientist at Consumers Union, appeared in a recently-filmed video ad in support of Washington’s ballot initiative Continue Reading

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CU urges grocery stores to sell Meat Without Drugs

To help combat the declining effectiveness of antibiotics, Consumers Union is launching the Meat Without Drugs campaign calling on grocery stores, starting with Trader Joe’s, to sell only meat raised without antibiotics. A staggering 80% of all antibiotics used in our country are given to livestock to help them grow faster and prevent them from Continue Reading

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Eat Their Words: Podcast and Video

As part of the celebrations for Consumer Reports’ 75th anniversary, we hosted a panel discussion at Grand Central Station with three fantastic food safety experts. The event,  “Eat Their Words: The Role of the Media in Keeping our Food Safe,” was held on October 28th and featured three well-known faces in the food safety sphere:  Continue Reading

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Tips for Kicking the Can

With hot evenings spent grilling in the backyard, you may just be thinking about a cold three-bean salad to compliment your outdoor meal.  Or some tuna salad for lunch. There are some pretty common pantry staples that you may find yourself having to avoid if you’re Kicking the Can this week.   Here are a few Continue Reading

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Cracking down on food safety criminals

Stewart Parnell, better known as the former president of the Peanut Corporation of America who knowingly shipped Salmonella-tainted peanut products around the country, is back in the business again. 

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UPDATE: record-breaking half billion egg recall

A second Iowa company reporting Salmonella-tainted eggs added to the already-massive egg recall this weekend, making it one of the largest in history.

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Too many chemicals, not enough sunshine

Fighting to keep toxic substances out of our products and environment one at a time isn’t working.

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CBS Coverage of CR’s Chicken Report

Watch CBS’s video covering our chicken testing

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